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We strive constantly to deliver the very best creative work. To find the art in all that we do. That moment where it all comes together – brand, design, message and execution – to communicate everything effortlessly. Perfectly.

Not art for art’s sake. But art always in service of our clients. Art that resonates with target audiences. Art that slices through noise with razor clarity. Art that is enhanced when it is layered onto technology. Art that works hard to deliver real business outcomes.

It is this approach we bring to all our creative endeavours; to the strategies, the brands, the ads, the websites. It is this approach you can expect from us too. We will sweat for you. Strive for you. Create for you.

The Art
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Science breathes life into our work. Gives it form and function. Amplifies it. Completes it. We strive to build the best. The cleanest. The leanest. The fastest. The coolest. We bring this approach to every website, every app, every piece of every data.

Science must always be much more than mere function. More than just data sets. It needs to excel. To transcend the possible. To host its art perfectly. To deliver its functionality intuitively and meaningfully. Seamlessly. An invisible extension of the individual.

We believe the best science never sleeps. That a launch is just the start of a journey. That performance data should be harvested at every opportunity. That ongoing optimisation and analysis and refinement is a mission without end.

The Art
How We Roll
We are DCODR.

We build digital business.

We partner with clients to develop integrated strategies that bring together commercial objectives, market opportunities, creativity and technological innovation to deliver real business outcomes.

We believe in data, and driving a never ending cycle of testing, optimisation and improvement.

We believe in creativity, in building strong brands and placing the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

We believe in cost effective strategies that spend our clients budgets wisely and measure results in sales and revenue.

It is an approach we bring to all that we do, across strategy, creative, branding, web, mobile, app, social media and marketing.

It is our commitment to you. Your goals will be our goals. We will strive for you. Sweat for you. Live and die by the results we deliver.
Our services
DCODR works with clients to understand their objectives and help define clear goals. The aim is to capture the current and future digital requirements of the organisation, looking at the key drivers of commercial objectives, market opportunities, technology advancements, creative & brand, competitor analysis and available budgets.

Entirely new campaigns or build on past activity. DCODR develops campaign concepts, key messages, design, storey boards and ad creative. We strive to craft campaigns that resonate with target audiences, cut through market noise, showcase brands and deliver on client goals.

Web Development
Design and development of sophisticated enterprise level websites and campaign microsites. We utilise a phased a waterfall project management methodology that comprises strategy, wire framing, design, development, testing and launch. And we favour open sources content management systems (WordPress, Drupal), which provide flexible, scalable, cost effective solutions.

Mobile & App
DCODR designs and builds mobile websites and mobile applications for the Apple (iOS) and Android platforms. We assist with strategy development, content planning and monetisation strategies, as well as design, development and submission to app stores. Design, usability and a clarity of purpose are vital to success in this now crowded market that operates on the smallest of screens.

Create a new brand or invigorate an existing one. DCODR works with clients to develop brand attributes, values, tone, key messages, voice and positioning. We research key target audiences, consumer behaviour, competitor activity and emerging trends. Key deliverables can include logo(s), colour palette, brand guidelines, stationary and business cards.

Social Media
Development of social media strategies for leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and others. Services include community engagement, content planning, competitions & promotions, custom development and advertising campaigns. We believe social media activity needs to be driven by a clear purpose and expectation of a contribution to ROI.

We create ecommerce sites that provide customers with a rich shopping experience and merchants with flexibility, control and maximum profit. DCODR’s ecommerce services include website design & development, application integration (CRM, ERP, inventory, finance) and post launch marketing.

Digital Media
We craft integrated multi-channel digital campaigns comprising search engine marketing & optimisation, email and display advertising. We favour performance based media placements, highly targeted/retargeted activity and work with a wide range of publishers and networks. We believe in targeting an audience rather than a channel or property, and that ongoing results should drive a never ending refinement of creative, message and placement.

CareSuper, the largest industry fund specialising in professionals, engaged DCODR for the redevelopment of its website. The project faced numerous challenges, including heavy financial content, extensive regulatory requirements and audiences at very different stages in their working careers.

DCODR worked closely with CareSuper, conducting research with internal stakeholders and external customer focus groups. This research contributed to the development of a new information architecture for the site, and a visually strong design aimed at an emotional engagement with users.
Integrated Pools is a division of Canny, renowned as one of Melbourne’s premier building and design companies. DCODR developed a website for Canny to showcase it’s visually stunning pool designs, developing a clean sleek interface that allowed the strong architectural images to take centre stage.

The website was developed using responsive design, ensuring the strong visuals were rendered correctly across smart phone, tablet and PC. DCODR continues to work with Canny on expanding the website's functionality and digital marketing campaigns.
GoSwitch is Australia’s leading electricity comparison service. DCODR has worked with the company since launch, developing its website and refining its operation. We also manage its extensive digital marketing, utilizing performance based buying models and key partnerships to drive cost effective results.

In 2012 DCODR introduced an intensive data driven optimisation program for the website, which succeed in lifting its conversion rate from 4% to over 11%. The results of this program were recognized with a Highly Commended in the Mumbrella Award for Data.
DCODR was engaged to develop a campaign for beyondblue’s Men’s Campaign, aimed at providing support to men experiencing depression and anxiety. Given the audience, we developed a very no nonsense campaign, built around men recognising the symptoms associated with the conditions.

The execution comprised a campaign microsite, developed using response design to maximise access from mobile users, and supported by highly targeted digital advertising. All activity was fully tracked, included inbound phone calls to the support line, to measure the effectiveness and return on all spend.
St John of God Health Care is a leading provider of private hospitals, pathology, and social outreach services, throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. DCODR first developed the organisations main website, followed by a mobile site and a campaign site for its Midland Hospitals project.

Our work for SJOG showcases our evolutionary approach to developing digital assets. The addition of the mobile site came several years after the main website, yet was still editable from within the same CMS. The Midland site was developed to showcase a key project with its own unique goals and audiences.
Best Friends Pets operate 16 pet super centres across Australia featuring a huge range of pet supplies as well as pet grooming, puppy school and vet services. DCODR has worked with Best Friends for several years, gaining a deep understanding of its business and assisting with the evolution of its digital strategy.

DCODR designed and developed the Best Friends Pets website and now manages its digital marketing, including social media, member email communications and ongoing campaigns. Recent activity has focused on store launches to support Best Friends rapid expansion along the east coast.
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